Welcome to DRBU Library on-line catalog system

The library on-line catalog system allows our library members to :

  • search library catalog records
  • view check out records
  • renew checked-out items
  • change password of library account
  • view important messages from the Library
  • check the expiration date of your library card
  • view your personal search history and reading history
  • manage your personal book lists
  • make a request of library eligible on-loan items
  • manage your purchase suggestions

Want to learn how to use the library on-line catalog system?

Using the Cart in Koha

http://library.drbu.edu/index.php/using-the-cart-in -koha/

This tutorial will address how to use the cart to print out contents or email yourself so you can review them later. This will prevent you from having to write down Call Numbers on little slips of paper in the library, instead you can have a whole list with the authors, title, location, and various other informations to help you find the resources you need at the library.

Using Lists in Koha

http://library.drbu.edu/index.php/using-lists-in- koha/

In this tutorial, it will show you how to take advantage of this useful tool of creating lists in your account. Lists are handy because you can use your list to compile a bunch of resources for your research and study.

Renewing Items in Koha

http://library.drbu.edu/index.php/renewing- items-in-koha-2/

This tutorial presents how patrons can renew items using their accounts on OPAC limited to the rules set in the circulation rules.It saves the user time of walking physically to the library.

Changing My Password in Koha


This tutorial will guide you through on how to change your password on your account.

Updating Personal Information in Koha


This video tutorial will address how to update your personal information and make any changes to your account.

Placing a Hold in Koha

http://library.drbu.edu/index.php/placing-a-hold- in-koha/

This video will address how to place a hold for library circulated items.

Leaving Comments in Koha

http://library.drbu.edu/index.php/leaving- comments-in-koha/

In this video tutorial, it will address how to leave comments for an item. They could be reviews, opinions, or general ideas.

My Reading History in Koha


In this video tutorial, it will address how to view your reading history of your library account.

Setting My Privacy in Koha

http://library.drbu.edu/index.php/setting-my -privacy-in-koha/

This tutorial will teach you how to manage your privacy settings in your account. This function will help you choose whether you want the library to keep your reading history or not.

Making Purchase Suggestions in Koha


This tutorial presents how to utilize the OPAC to make purchase suggestions for information materials not available in the library.

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